Generate renewable electricity without a rooftop

Own the generation capacity and draw free energy for 25 years

Genius Energy lets you generate and consume your own renewable energy with your own solar panels on a Genius solar farm


Buy your own panels at one of our solar farms.


Solar farms are located in optimal locations arounds Australia to ensure maximum generation.

invest or Consume

Consume the electricity at your home of business or sell and trade with other customers.

Supercharged with

triple benefits




Ready to buy?

Join the social energy movement today

How does it work?

You: Buy one or more units via our platform here

Genius Unit Trust: Holds that investment securely

We: Build generation and storage capacity that you own

You: Use your own electricity to run your household and sell the rest

We: Sell your surplus energy for you

We: Sell your unit investment for you if you wish to cash out

Meet the team

Behind every great business are great people. Meet the faces behind the energy movement. Together they have combined solar, financial, regulation to create a new, smart market that you own…Genius.

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